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Who We Are

Beef Logic Inc. works to grow and extend the beef message through partnerships and collaborations that unite like-minded beef farmers, ranchers, industry leaders and community partners. Beef Logic Inc. takes a commonsense approach to work alongside others in creating a larger body of understanding and support for BEEF!

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Meet our Board of Directors

President - Eric Sumption (Frederick, SD)

Vice President - Les Shaw (White Owl, SD)

Secretary - Todd Mortenson (Hayes, SD)

Treasurer - Laurie Johnson (South Shore, SD)

VeaBea Thomas (Harrold, SD)

Casey Cowan (Pierre, SD)

Jeff Fylling (Sioux Falls, SD)

Nate Moe (Brookings, SD)

Meet Our Staff

Suzy Geppert

Executive Director

Suzy Geppert, Executive Director of Beef Logic, Inc., is responsible for management of staff, industry relations, consumer outreach, oversight and development of program content and leads the National Build Your Base program efforts.

Holly Swee

Director of Nutrition

Holly Swee, Director of Nutrition for Beef Logic, Inc., is responsible for recommending, developing, and implementing nutrition education programs and content that supports beef in a healthful lifestyle.


Cagney Effling 

Communications and Web Development Manager 

Cagney Effling, Communications and Web Development Manager is responsible for the management and content of the Beef Logic, Inc. website and the Build Your Base website.

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