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It All Starts with You!
Make a Difference Today!


Our beef community and those that volunteer to lead beef into the next generation of consumers is the core of what makes Beef Logic Inc. stand out as a new and upcoming educational and outreach platform. We take pride in the heritage and unique skills of our beef farmers and ranchers and work alongside them in creating opportunities for beef. Stand alongside us and volunteer today!


Beef Logic Inc. is a highly collaborative experiential learning platform that works alongside our corporate sponsors and partner organizations in developing programs and outreach opportunities that extend the beef message and support America's beef farmers and ranchers. Located in the heart of cattle country in Pierre, SD, we are interested in a large range of concepts and ideas that help create understanding of the beef product, how it is raised, and its role in maintaining a healthful diet and ecosystem. Join us in the conversation as we continue to develop opportunities and programs that share an accurate beef story. Have an idea and looking for help? Contact us to learn more.


Supporting our youth as the next generation of leaders continues to be a priority as we work to prepare them for their future. This is the perfect way to share a family legacy or simply invest in the next generation. Sponsor a scholarship today!


We are proud to showcase the Build Your Base program and the work it continues to do in educating thousands of athletes and families on the value and importance of beef as a high-quality protein. The driving factor behind this collaboration is to keep beef top-of-mind for this whole plate nutrition program. We encourage you to join us in support of this national program as it expands across schools, universities, and athletic teams. It takes a strong base to lead a healthful lifestyle and BEEF continues to be that anchor to the plate! 


Farmers and ranchers continue to feed the world with high quality beef protein. The rancher direct sponsorship allows both farmers and ranchers the opportunity to share their beef story as a separate tab within the Build Your Base site. This tab is used as a resource for athletes and their families to learn where their food comes from. Each farm and ranch sponsorship comes with a farm/ranch bio and direct link to a protected rancher portal where consumers can reach out directly to the ranch site for product and information. Reach out directly to Beef Logic for more information on this sponsorship.


Are you interested in helping us create opportunities to share an accurate beef story? Let's continue the conversation and develop creative ways to share information regarding the health benefits of beef and the role our beef farmers and ranchers play in creating a healthful food system for families around the world. Join us in the "think tank" and give today!


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